Pet Insurance: The world of Third Party Liability


Just as humans behave out of character sometimes, so do pets, but with pets, this might result in some unforeseen expenses that might run into thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of damage caused. The American Veterinary Association reported that every year an estimated 4.5 million injuries result from dog bites, also according to the US postal service about …

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The Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance: Is It Worth the Investment?


In today’s world, our furry companions are more than just pets; they’re family. As any pet owner can attest, ensuring the well-being and health of our animal companions is paramount. One way that many pet owners seek to protect their pets is through pet insurance. But is this type of coverage genuinely worth it? Let’s delve deep into the pros …

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FAQ About Pet Insurance


These days, medical technology in veterinary field has been rapidly developed. Many illness and diseases in animals that was fatal and incurable in past can be easily prevented and removed, thanks to the development. Pet owner can breathe easier now knowing that their pet mortality risk due to illnesses has decreased compared to the past years. However, the development comes …

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